Two brothers looking for a long term rental.

We are two brothers who are looking for a dog-friendly, long-term home, ideally for the next 3+ years. We are professional, mature and responsible adults. One of us is a full time nursing student at Langara, the other is a full time worker planning to apply to the engineering program at BCIT within the next 1-2 years. Here is some more information about us:

Hi, I’m Vlad. Recently, I was living in Prince George with my girlfriend who is a student in the Northern Medical Program of UBC Medicine. I’m moving back to Vancouver to attend Langara for 3 years while she is staying in Prince George so we will be long-distance for a while. I am committed to my studies, so most of my time will be spent either at school, or at home grinding through my schoolwork. When I do have free time, I enjoy discovering and cooking new recipes in order to impress my girlfriend, playing video games and mixing music. I also enjoy spending time outside with friends or my dog Zeus as much as possible.

Hi, my name’s Dima! I’m currently working full-time and I’m hoping to move into a new place with my brother. I will be working a lot as I am saving up for tuition because I plan to apply to BCIT’s Engineering program for fall 2022. I am an athlete and I play the guitar. I really like to make and build things; I’m in the middle of building a guitar! With a full-time job, most of my time will be spent at work but otherwise I’ll be on the field playing volleyball or fast asleep in my bed. Hope to meet you!

RUFF! My name’s Zeus! I’m a Bernese Mountain-Golden Retriever cross, I’m one year old and I loooooove humans. They seem to love me too so yay! I’m well-trained, have no problem behaviours and recently I got neutered, though I’m not entirely sure what that means. I really hope we can find a place where all three of us can live together.

Neither of us smoke, drink or party. We really want to create an environment conducive to excelling in academics and work as we have big goals. Let us know if you have a place that might help us do that!

*References can be provided from previous landlords upon request.

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